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Human Bone Rings – Dark Luxury by Blak Corp

Welcome to the future of Dark Luxury. Artist Daniel Rosini brings to you the world’s first Human Bone Rings with Lume hybrid. Today’s most innovative style of rings, created and handmade by artist Daniel Rosini. With over 25 years of art experience and years of machining experience, Daniel takes his creative development into the world of something he’s named “Dark Luxury” jewelry, and makes his creations available to all with his project – Blak Corp. He has created the world’s first Human Bone Ring with Lume Hybrid. With careful planning and patience, he was able to bring such a handmade rarity to the industry in a most original way – Human bone you can now wear on the outside all with glowing accents. A most unique way in bringing some light into something so dark.

Luxury rings have always been a love for Daniel and to be able to create something wearable for the community is a passion fulfillment that he has achieved. Working with various combination of human bones, fossilized animal remains, alloys, and glow based resins have proven to be a staple in bringing dark luxury rings to the table, with multiple ring lines to choose from. Go ahead and view some of our current rings located in our Catalog and find your ring today!

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$599 Now $399

The world’s first ever Human Bone Rings with Lume.

Elements: 18th century bone stabilized with custom suspension liquid and Strontium Aluminate

This luxury piece is an original. Material for this was taken from two different sections of an 18th century specimen. The Calcaneus and Tarsolmetatarsal Joints were fused together and suspended beautifully around a brushed Titanium liner. The Titanium used is a CP1/Grade 4, which are commonly used in aerospace and medical fields for its strength and durability.

Only the highest of quality materials are used for this showstopper.


$549 Now $349

Elements: 19th century bone stabilized with custom suspension liquid. Fused with Strontium Aluminate.

Real human bone for this was taken from three different sections of an 19th century specimen.  The Fibula and Lateral Tibial Condyle were fused together, dyed and suspended beautifully around a glossed Carbon Fiber liner. The collagen from the Talus joint was prepared, hand stabilized and infused with pink strontium aluminate that turns a bright rust color when charged.  The Carbon Fiber used on this human bone ring presents a medium/tight pattern. Carbon Fiber is also known for its excellent fracture-resistance, pattern detail and dark contrast.

What makes Blak Corp tick, and who is behind the art of human bone rings. Read more about Daniel Rosini and his vision.

These beautiful hand crafted accessories are made using the finest in human bone and luxury materials.

There are very important guidelines prior to ordering any human bone rings, so please read thoroughly. This is a must!


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